Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DCC wiring change

After some trials and a few errors with the help of a fellow modeller, I decided to remove the complex DC/DCC wiring. So no more control box at this stage (maybe it might come back for points in the future). 

So today I began removing the plugs and wiring those connections to the track power leads which run almost the full length of the board making it easy to wire up track droppers. These track power leads will connect straight to the Digittrax DCC control box.

The other little toy that I now have working is a 'frog juicer' a circuit board designed to change the polarity of the 'frogs' in points. Or in my case the double slips 'frogs'. Positive and negative power is wired into the side, while the leads that connect to the 'frogs' just get wired into one of 6 slots. ( I am using a 6 pin version - frog juicer). It's that simple when the train moves over frog the circuit board determines the correct polarity in milliseconds. 

Now to create a few more droppers and then it's onto the other two modules!!