Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gone to DCC

While at the Albury train show I was given a DCC lesson by the Sydney N Scale team and I thought I have to have this! 

So I purchased a Digitrax DSC50 I understand that it has now been superseded but I was told it was perfect for what I needed to run Euroa. 

I also grabbed a DCC ready Kato SD40 which will of course be converted to a C Class once I purchase the shell/kit from Aust-N-Rail.

How will it be wired? Well I plan to keep the control panel and re wire it just slightly to take the DCC wires. But keep the switches and flexible/safety to run DC if DCC failed in the future. (All switches will need to be 'on' to allow the DCC to travel through them. 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

First train to run on Euroa

After hours of wiring and testing the first train has ran on the two main modules.
Finding two sections of the track are reversed wired causing polarity issues.. Other wise it went well! 

Now to fix that issue and start with the next step! Further wiring and modules!


Monday, May 20, 2013

2013 Update

Well finally I have had time to get back into it! So I finished the basic wiring and I purchased two white folding tables to support the two main modules. Which at the moment is enough,
I joined the Murray Railway Modellers group and have been given wiring diagrams to make my own controllers.
The plan is to have the one main controller to control the whole thing. I added a switch in the control box to allow a second controller to take over the yard. 

Being a DC controlled layout.

More to come..