Sunday, January 15, 2012

Alternative legs

After attending the Phillip Island model train show and speaking with some experienced modellers I have been advised and pointed in the direction of not using the screw in legs and instead using the folding white trestle tables that you can get from most stores. Such as BigW, and Officeworks.

I have been finding the legs very unstable and a pain to setup so I will now endeavour to find some reasonably priced folding white tables. 
A layout under construction at Phillip Island using the white tables to bring the layout up just about little kid height!
I have found some that BigW are selling my only worry is that I need them to be either 2 metres in length  or 1 metre in length so that each module is supported by some of the table surface, as I don't want anything to fall or be unbalanced.

Ill see how I go! -better start watching the catalogues.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wiring Begins

Wiring will begin in the coming weeks with the arrival of the first batch of female RCA (or DVD to television plug-commonly known for) these will be wired to join up and link sections making less connections back to the control box.

The male ones purchased can be found here