Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Track Diagram

After referencing photographs and track diagrams from the below sites,'29.htm'69.htm'89.htm

and photographs from

and David Langley via email.

I drew up the track diagram with help from Rob from Aust N Rail in a program called Anyrail which is just fantastic because the diagram as below was printed to actual size to make sure things fitted on the modules, there are the options within the program to place in the points and objects sold by the leading companies and it also allows you to see if the radius's are to tight or not, so yep its recommended!,
We discussed removing a couple of points around the goods shed which we couldn't have due to size constraints of the modules., but in doing this we were able to still have the double slip which is great for shunting in the yard later down the track!

Below are a couple of photographs of the printed diagram and how I used it!


Euroa drawn in Anyrail