Monday, August 8, 2011


Now to the little idea from Phillip Island and District Railway Modellers modular layout, to have the legs being able to screw into the modules.

So I went down to bunnings warehouse, and spoke to a bloke in there about my idea.  Hoping I didnt talk in riddles about my concept...

He put me onto the brand called Leggz unfortunately I cant get a website, but these little furniture studs are fantastic, basically a little nut (similar to) with some grips gets hammered on top of either the underneath or the leg top and then a little screw/bolt gets screwed into the opposite bit eg the leg top, and there we have it a easy screw the legs onto the module when required then all we do is unscrew them once we are finished.

Sorry if thats not making sense ill try and get some more photo up!

A pack of 4 are around $10 (that is either a pack of bolts with the grips, or the screw/bolt rod)


*Update 2013 May. - I would not recommend these for long legs or at all.. they come loose and wreck the timber.