Monday, June 27, 2011

Modules Close to Completion

Today I completed 3 of the 4 modules, the main task today was to screw the screws into the end pieces of the frame to hold the base down to the frame the ends being 19mm thick and nail the edges into the 12mm thick Pine sides, with a bead of PVA and some nails and screws these 3 are almost ready for track.

Below are some construction photos, note that 3 screws are at each end holding the 12mm thick ply down, one each end and one in the middle, the one in the middle may have to be removed when laying track (just have to see how we go)

Other thing to note is that the ends have to be well sanded soon so they can be clamped easy enough to align the track and reduce gap in rails from module to module.

That is all!! 

Glueing the tops down to the frame

Underneath of one of the four modules.